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Gateway1 Rubber Conditioner

Gateway1 Rubber Conditioner


Will care for your rubber footwear to maintain function, extending durability and lifespan.


Rubber conditioner treats the rubber to prevent cracks and drying out.

Build-in UV absorber that absorbs/neutralizes the UV radiation before it “attacks” the rubber.

Gateway1® Rubber conditioner does nourish the natural rubber in depth so it remains as good as new and also gets the dirt out of it.

Microscopic dirt particles penetrate rubber and by treating you clean the rubber in depth so the dirt can be removed.

When rinsing after cleaning with water, the dirt is rinsed off.

The UV absorber is build-in to protect the boots against colour fading and hydration.

Both attack the rubber and your boots so they do not feel comfortable anymore.

How to use:

  • Clean your rubber boots with fresh water and dry them with a cotton cloth
  • Spray the Rubber conditioner to all rubber parts and leave it for 2-5 minutes
  • Wipe off excess Rubber conditioner with a cotton cloth and the boots are ready to be stored in a dry and dark environment preferable less than 20C
  • Never leave your boots in direct light or sun
  • Never dry your rubber boots on the heater
  • Never store your rubber boots in a closed bag

Contents: 150 ml

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