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Hubertus Gold Beef Pur

Hubertus Gold 669256
The very best beef together with healthy, easily digestible potatoes ensure a full menu!
Hubertus Gold Energy Bar
Gundog Supplies

Hubertus Gold Hunting Energy for Dogs

Hubertus Gold 669218
The Hunting Energy Bars are a dietary supplement on the normal food. This fresh meat snack is specifically for (active) dogs that need that little bit extra before or during the activity.
Gundog Supplies

Hubertus Gold Poultry with Rice

Hubertus Gold 669227
Made from low-fat poultry meat and valuable poultry heart. Enriched with the best linseed oil.
Gundog Supplies

Hubertus Gold Turkey Pure

Hubertus Gold 669235
Easily digestible, therefore also for dogs with stomach and intestinal problems. With the best linseed oil.
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