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Starting Pistols and accessories

Ballistol universele olie Ballistol universele olie 2
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Maintenance and cleaning

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

Ballistol spray
The universal oil - well-tried and unequalled!
Geco 6mm Short Blanks
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Gundog Supplies

Geco 6mm Short Blanks

Geco 6mm
Short Blanks for starting Pistols and Revolver.
Magazine Röhm RG3 Magazine Röhm RG3 2
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Gundog Supplies

Magazine Röhm RG3

708.101 mag. 6
Magazine 6 and 10 shot(s) for Röhm RG 3.
Starting Pistol Röhm RG3 Starting Pistol Röhm RG3 2
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Gundog Supplies

Starting Pistol Röhm RG3

Röhm RG3
The Rohm RG3 is a blank-firing starter pistol. It fires 6mm flobert blank rounds in a 6 shot front-loading magazine.
For hunting dog training! Allowed in the Netherlands according to the Weapons and Ammunition Act. No sales under the age of 18!
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