Dog Whistles ACME 635
Dog Whistles ACME 635

ACME Tornado 635

ACME 635
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Brazil for emergency situations or for hunting dogs and other dog sports.


ACME Tornado 635 is nicknamed Brasil a nickname that was obtained because of the extensive use in that country, especially in football.

  • Something different in terms of sound and appearance
  • Very loud
  • 120dBA
  • Ideal to prevent confusion when different matches are played side by side.

The Tornado 635 can be combined with the dog whistle ACME 210.5, 211.5 or 212 for sitting or down used for hunting dogs and other dog sports.

Plastic whistle for, among other things, emergency water sports enthusiasts, winter sports enthusiasts, survival and as a referee's whistle.
Works in all weather conditions, does not freeze, water-resistant also works in wet conditions.

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