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ACME Tornado T2000
ACME Tornado T2000

ACME Tornado T2000

ACME T2000
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Acme Tornado T2000 Whistle (122dB safety whistle!) The Worlds Most Powerful Whistle!



A brightly colored plastic Whistle for, among other things, emergency situations (among others in use with U.S. Coast Guard), water sports enthusiasts, winter sports enthusiasts, survival and as a referee whistle (in use with FIFA, UEFA, NFL and many other sports organizations).

The Tornado T2000 from Acme is the loudest flute in the world with 122dB! With the special design (without vibrator) high tones are possible that still drown out the biggest background noise. And a lower tone frequency that can still be heard very far away. An unsurpassed flute that is not only used in rescue services, as an emergency whistle and as a communication tool, but is also used in many sports, including football (FIFA - Champions League).

Works in all weather conditions, does not freeze, water-resistant also works in wet conditions.

Brightly colored emergency flute for good visibility and incredibly loud!

Available in the colors: bright orange-red, bright yellow and bright green.

Weight: approx. 20 grams

Dimensions: approx. 5 x 3 x 2.5 cm

Euregio Gundog Store - ACME importeur.

Wy accept no imitations!

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