The small duck are also designed with all of our patented Dokken's DeadFowl™ Trainer features.  These large trainers will condition your dog on how to properly hold and carry a small duck.

The trainers will build your dogs confidence for handling small birds.  
This is a must have for any small ducks hunting enthusiast.

The body of the Dead Fowl Dummy is made from soft, foam material. The head and feet are made from very hard plastic. The hard free-swinging head disciplines your dog against the bad habit of head shaking. Dokken's Dead Fowl Dummy encourages your retriever to make a proper pick up and hold.
Dokken's Dead Fowl Dummy floats in water even when punctured.
With a natural dead bird weight and using the training scents this training aid is a must-have for your hunting dog.

Perfectly simulates training with a real game.

Material: Polyurethan foam
Weight: ca. 230 g
Length: ca. 32 cm
Diameter: ca. 8 x 6 cm

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