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Avery ATB Training Bird

Avery ATB Training Bird Teal-Flascher Small

Avery Sporting Dog
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For training hunting dogs from puppy to adult dog.


Avery Sporting Dog has developed this lifelike duck that makes training with your hunting dog as realistic as possible.

The shape of the duck dummy means that your dog can quickly and efficiently learn how to pick up and bring back the game.

They are on the water which is optimal for the dog during training to retrieve due to the flasher strong attention generated by stroboscope effect (black / white) with the white spot very visible on dark waters especially for long retrievs.


  • The V-Grip ensures that your dog has full teeth lock on the body
  • Soft floating head that does not damage the dog's teeth
  • PVC outer skin, which is also leak resistant
  • Double knotted, non-slip rope
  • Features a Long Throw button for accurate throwing in the distance
  • Foam filling that reproduces the feeling of a lifeless duck
  • Natural details
  • Manufactured without harmful phthalates
  • The robust material makes the training bird suitable for training all year round

Sizes: approx. 17 x 7 x 6 cm
Weight: approx. 180 g

Available in realistic colors and shaped like a pheasant. That is why you can combine it with a fragrance product so that your dog gets used to the shape and smell of pheasant.

Caution: Dummies aren't toys and are not intended for playing and dragging! Dummy substitutes the training game and its purpose is to train retrieving and hunt practice. Do not leave your dog unattended with the dummy and do not let him to chew it.

If the dummies are wet after training, leave them to dry freely in air, not in direct sunlight.
To avoid a possible injury to you and your dog, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find out any damage, do not use them.

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