Bolting Rabbit

EGS Springkonijn
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The Canvas Running rabbit simulates the appearance of running game.

This special dummy was specially developed for training steadiness. It is also ideally suited for training under distraction - your dog learns to remain calm and focused on its task even in unexpected situations. Letting go of the dummy perfectly simulates the appearance of game during the hunt.

  • As an extra you can apply rabbit smell
  • Elastic cord length approx. 10 m. (pulled out approx. twice the length)
  • Including earthing pin

Instructions: Turn the ground anchor into the ground (be sure to check the strength!). Then tighten the rubber band with the dummy, for this you can comfortably use the handle of the dummy. When you let go of the handle, the dummy moves towards the ground anchor at high speed.

Made of high quality, durable material, can be prepared with fragrances. Excellent workmanship, very dimensionally stable and extremely durable.

It comes very close to reality, ideal for those who don't have a hunt.

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