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Shoes need love ...


Anyone who has finally found the right shoe immediately thinks of a long hike. But STOP! before going for a walk, take care of your shoes! But why doesn't MEINDL do that? you probably think. They do - but polish evaporates.

So: read the care instructions first and spray or wax your shoes before the walk.

It is even more important to give your shoes a good treatment AFTER the walk. We humans also take care of our skin: we protect ourselves from the sun, cleanse or use creams to protect our old age. Leather is also skin, although it has been processed, it still needs to be cared for.

The care has three goals:

1. All materials on the shoe have been treated to be water-repellent (hydrophop) from the start. This loses its treatment over time. And must be renewed.

2. Modern shoes are permeable to water vapor to ensure a good foot climate. This function must also be retained.

3. Shoes consist for the most part of leather. They regularly use "food" so it lives longer and keeps its shape. That is why we recommend that you spend a few Euros extra for the care products when you buy shoes. For such high-quality shoes, this is insignificant and quickly recalculates. You save money and time when you already have to think about another pair. Well-groomed shoes last longer!

Maintenance with MEINDL WET-PROOF and SPORT-WAX.

Meindl conditioner and proofer: 150 milliliters.

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