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Thermo Function Troyer-Shirt TS 400

Thermo Function Troyer-Shirt TS 400

Thermo Function
TF 220 12 400 - 01
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For cold to very cold conditions.


Because you sometimes have to adapt to very uncomfortable weather conditions, over the past 30 years we have developed clothing that you wear directly on your body while hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities.
With Thermo Function TS 400 we have developed a thermal underwear that is ideal for you.
During hunting, Thermo Function TS 400 keeps you warm and it is very breathable.
These are the best conditions to feel absolutely comfortable with your activities in nature.

This makes it easy to regulate body temperature depending on the activity. Long, super elastic cuffs - with thumb penetration in the sleeves - make it easier to put on and always keep the wrist area nice and warm. The zipper has a flap on the back so that the zipper does not come into direct contact with the skin.

If you like hunting in winter - keeps you warm and keeps you focused for a long time - right down to your index finger. The functional underwear TS 400 was developed for the Swedish army and consists of 66% polypropylene, 9% polyamide and 25% cotton. Channel-knit terry ribs in the cotton layer keep you comfortably warm on the raised skin, even on icy nights. Washable up to 60 ° C.

2-layer system
Made of two different layers, the inner one (worn next to the skin) consists of a feather-light spun polypropylene polycolon (0.91 g / cm²). It quickly wicks moisture away. As an outer layer, combed cotton efficiently insulates your body heat and protects you from the worst of the cold.

Like a second skin
Very flat seams ensure that nothing chafes or chafes, even with dynamic movements. Functional details keep cool drafts away from your kidney area (such as the extended back section of shirts and T-shirts), provide a secure fit (such as the thumbholes on long-sleeved shirts) or guarantee a robust load - such as doubled sections on the buttocks and knees with TS 400 version.

This fabric consists of a combination of wool and synthetic material. Specially made for cold to very cold conditions, this quality makes it ideal for passive hunting.

Thanks to its soft, snug fit, the insulating Thermo Function TS 400 wicks sweat away from your body to the next layer and keeps you warm.

The Thermo Function TS 400 is ideal for the high seat. Or for any occasion when it's just a little colder and you need a functional, close-fitting garment.

Snug fit, taped thumb opening in sleeve, half zip, tight narrow flatlock seams to prevent chafing.

Combination of 66% Polypropylen 25% cotton and 9% polyamide.

Model: Gentlemen

Color: green

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