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Firedog standard Dummy for gun dog training.


Firedog standard dummies of 500 grams are used in daily gun dog training as a wild replacement for training to be a hunting dog. Also ideal for non-hunting dogs.

The standard dummies of 500 grams are used for working tests or mock trials.

If you train in multiple zones, the colors are a suitable tool, so you know whether the dog has picked up the correct dummy.

Due to the good throwing handle, the length of the string, weight, shape, fabric and filling, and balance, this retriever dummy can also be thrown very far and precisely.

Also suitable for waterwork thanks to the special floating filling material. Made of high quality, resistant fabric.

Game scent can be used to add scent to fur or canvas dummies, and can also be used to lay a scent trail for your dog which will end in him locating a hidden dummy.

Material: 100% canvas
Size: approx. 25 x 7 cm

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