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Back on Track Cooling Dog Coat

Back on Track Cooling Dog Coat

Back on Track
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Prevent overheating (hyperthermia) with a Back on Track cooling jacket for dogs.



Prevent overheating (hyperthermia) with a cooling jacket from Back on Track® Cooling Rug, made of high-tech material.

The Back on Track® Cooling Rug absorbs a lot of water. The substance needs heat to evaporate. This heat comes from the dog, which cools the dog.

The temperature of Cool on Track™ drops by approximately 6 degrees. To make the jacket ready for use again, just adding some water is sufficient.

Without chemicals and without a freezer.

Cooling with Cool on Track™ in three steps:

  • Dip in water
  • Squeeze excess water from the fabric
  • Ready to cool

The Back on Track® Cooling Rug has a flexible, size-adjustable closure.

Opened it can also serve as a cooling mat.

For an optimal cooling effect, do not use the jacket together with other jackets.

It doesn't mean that everything is possible now! With the cooling jacket you reduce the temperature and make it pleasant for the dog when your dog is not in action! You can safely walk with the cooling jacket. Avoid overheating (hyperthermia) adapt to the weather conditions! Allow excessively hot dogs to drink and cool down slowly, first the legs and belly, then the rest.

Measure sizes from neck to tail:

  • M - 50cm
  • L - 60cm
  • XL - 70cm

Do not leave a dog in the car in the sun. Put your car in the shade with water, ventilation such as the ventlock clamps and window grilles with possibly the cooling jacket and fan for optimal cooling!

Material Exterior:

100% Polyester, Inner: 80% PVA, 20% Cotton

Washing instructions:

Hand wash (30°) with mild soap, lather and rinse with clean water. Lightly squeeze out excess water and keep closed to prevent drying. The fabric may break when dry and hard. If it has dried out, dip the Back on Track® Cooling Rug in water to make it supple again.

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